Monday, October 22, 2012

There Are Witches in the Air!

It has been a busy summer complete with a broken hand and a cast, a broken camera (I'm using the iphone these days so no judging!) closing down our store-front and promoting my novels (and new short story in a Christmas anthology of historical romance--the clean kind--click HERE for my Amazon page with all of my books currently available--it's so nice to have my novels, all Jane Austen era Regency romances, finally out as cheap ebooks!) and I haven't had a chance to do one of my emails.  But I am back with some tips on holiday decor because Halloween is so much fun!

For those of us who love roses, the color pink, and pink roses, fall decor, with all of it's oranges and reds can be a bit of a dilemma.  However, I have found that they can live side by side quite nicely.

It's especially effective if you go the "friendly" route with Halloween decor.  Skeletons and goblets of blood aren't quite as adaptable to the country floral look.  If you love your year round decor too much to make way for Halloween, there are a few quick and easy things you can add without cramping your style.

This inexpensive hat came from the craft store and instantly takes this garden statue from "summer" to "haunted". 

Another hat on this stack of pumpkins creates a mood--remove the hat and you have a lovely Thanksgiving display come November first.

Often all it takes is a string of lights to make an ordinary autumn night seem like a celebration.
(Naturally I do more.)

If you get creative and use what you have around the house, holiday decorating is less expensive and less of an overwhelming chore--and saves on storage, as well.  To me, few things scream Halloween like tarnished silver (a little dust doesn't hurt, either). 

I also love to place candles in or around all kinds of silverplate--the reflection adds an eerie glow.  Another trick is to group together items you already own by color.  Orange, black and white is the Halloweeniest color combination of all and you might be surprised at how festive ordinary items look when huddled together in bunches.

My everyday lanterns in black take on a new look with ribbons from my craft drawer--the more crinkly and used the better.  Scrapbooking tags finish off the look (maybe I'll actually use them in another craft project by this time next year).

October marks the beginning of long, dark evenings and plenty of festive light is what turns your home into a holiday.  If real candles make you nervous, inexpensive battery operated ones (try Costco or dollar stores) are a solid second choice.  You can't tell the difference when used inside a pumpkin.

A candle brings out the sparkle in this "Good Witch" by Bethany Lowe Designs.

Lights are double the delight when given a place where they can shine.  They look wonderful against windows and mirrors where the light can be reflected around the room.  Whether you go simple or easy or lay it on thick, these tips will bring a festive glow to your home this Halloween.