Friday, August 30, 2013

A Fond Farewell!

Dunhaven Place, the retail store is no more.  As we get ready to shut down the blog and finally let go of the last of the left-over inventory, we want to thank all of those who supported us, came to visit us and especially those of you who became friends.  We miss you and think of you often!

We have been busy with our family and the writing career, which we chose over the store; it has been going well! We wanted to let you know that Heidi's most recent novel has been out since June 21st (our 27th wedding anniversary) and is doing well.  It is currently on sale for .99 cents.

Click HERE to buy.

Lord Haversham Takes Command is a highly-rated sweet traditional regency romance.  See what reviewers have to say:
He was such a great hero and I felt for him. The double life isn't for the faint of heart, for sure. There are quite a few moments that made me laugh, especially when Harry's mother throws a party, but there's also some sigh-worthy romance thrown in and a good bit of suspense---the three best things to have in a novel I think. But best of all, the author gives us a really great ending. Julie C.

My absolute favorite moment in the book was what prompts me to give it five stars. There is a particular kissing scene--quite possibly the best kissing scene I have ever read! It takes talent to write clean romance that is delicious. Oh, my goodness, it made me want to grab my husband and do a little kissing of my own! Rebecca B.

I quickly fell in love with the two main characters, Mira and Harry. I spent every spare moment I had reading this book because it was so enjoyable. Unfortunately when it was done I was left thinking ugh how much longer until the next one comes out?  Jen L.

I loved it. I loved the suspense, mystery, and high adventure in this story and the way Ashworth wove historic figures, events, and places into the story. As a former resident of Richmond on the Thames (with a flat just a stones throw from the Kew Gardens), and with a fascination for anything "Victorian", (including the Queen herself!), I can vouch for the veracity of Ashworth's real people and places. This is her best writing to date.  Ramona Z.

Lord Haversham Takes Command is the 4th in my Miss Delacourt Series.  For information about all of my books, click HERE.  

Thanks again for all of your support and for making our sweet little store such a success!

Heidi and Roy

Monday, January 28, 2013

Time Out

We are taking a break here at Dunhaven Place.  If you see something here that you are interested in, please feel free to email us at  However, the photo albums here and on our Facebook page have not been updated for quite some time do to broken bones, broken camera, seasonal flu, the holidays and time spent promoting my Jane Austen-era romantic comedies.  We hope to get back to listing lovely items for sale here on the website soon.  Thanks for stopping by!