Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Re-purposing Vintage Finds for the Way We Live Now

If you love light in the garden at night as much as I do, you most likely adore lanterns like I do, too. I'm drawn to them like a moth to fire and, these days, they are everywhere you look. Still, I'm not so crazy about the price so I'm always looking for ways to bring the romantic glow of candle-light into my environment--for less.

The other night I thought about all of the little mis-matched pieces of china left over from my tea cup garden project and, viola!, magical tiny porcelain lanterns appeared in my yard.

I am mesmerized by the soft glow of the light through the porcelain, a substance that is made to withstand hot temperatures which makes them entirely safe for votive candles. They are also safe to sit on most any surface.

Using beautiful items in ways they were not originally intended is a lovely way to bring vintage style into the modern world. In my home, a cake stand becomes the perfect place to display a small stack of linens, a table-cloth becomes a bedspread and a small vase becomes a pencil cup for my desk. So, it was with this thought in mind that I re-purposed a chandelier-style hanging votive into a posy vase.

Re-purpose, re-cycle, rescue and live with the things you love.

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