Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Show Your Stars And Stripes This 9-11 SALE SALE SALE

All of our Patriotic decor will be 30% off through September 10th--we are closed the 11th, so be sure to hurry in and take advantage of this sale featuring primitives, country and wood decor, most of which was handmade by local artisans.

We have lots of new, fun goodies, including this charming display of incense. Each tube contains incense and a reed tray to burn it on. The packaging is a treat in an of itself. These are produced by a company owned and run by a 1980's pop icon but you have to come into the store and ask to whom it is I am referring.

The lemongrass incense is called Ophelia's Opus and that's just the beginning. There is even an apple pie scented incense and it is to die for! So get patriotic and fly your stars and stripes for all to see this 9-11!!!

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