Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's New at Dunhaven Place?

Did you know that Dunhaven Place carries new items as well as old, vintage and antique? We also like to create new pieces out of the old. A perfect example is this gray-washed vintage cane back chair--it has been given a fresh lease on life with the applied antique wooden pieces and a crisp gray linen seat. It's a one of a kind piece you will find only at Dunhaven Place.

The following dresser is what you might call a double bow front chest of drawers--it has tons of fabulous detail and a gorgeous patina.

The following dresser is part of the same bedroom set. Very unique--we feel lucky to be able to carry these items at Dunhaven Place.

Though this chair isn't new (in fact, it's fairly ancient) but is is new to us. We LOVE the items enrobed in their original chippy paint--Bertha the Witch seems to appreciate it, as well.

We just received a collection of vintage Wilton Armetale wine and water goblets--12 of each! These haven't been put out yet but if you are determined to have these for your Halloween party or Medieval supper, ask to have them brought out of the back room.

The following item--set of four vintage maple chairs by Salem House with fresh new coats of black paint--is so new that three of them are still waiting for their new paint job. We also have a matching armchair. Whether you want a set of black chairs for your kitchen table or a wonderful Salem-style-witch black armchair for your front porch for the fall holiday season, these are the chairs for you.

Lastly, the deadline to enter the FB "like" contest is over at midnight Oct. 14th/Oct. 15th (basically, in the middle of the night between Friday and Saturday) with the winner of the drawing to be announced Saturday. Just go to facebook, search Dunhaven Place, (make sure you get the store and not the blog), and click the "like" button--then you'll be entered in the drawing for one of these beautiful fall-themed bracelets made by a local artisan. Thanks!

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