Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dunhaven Place Goes to the Beach!

Beach Chic is this month's theme at Dunhaven Place and how I wish I had a little place in the Santa Cruz mountains I could fill with sky blue, sea green and sun-washed white! All that's missing from our display in the store are a couple of starfish.
In light of an exciting new piece, we decided to make a marriage out of the beaded board cabinet and the library table. They look fabulous together, I must say, though they are still for sale separately (though I am so in love with this look, I am thinking about bringing the whole kit and kaboodle home with me, pronto!)
Speaking of exciting new inventory, this antique bed is it! If it weren't a full, it would be at home sporting my Queen sized mattress this very minute. Alas, it is too small . . .
I am so crazy about this bed, however, that I took it's picture multiple times. I was incredibly tempted to use the footboard as a firescreen for my large-screen TV-sized fireplace (actually, my large screen TV IS my fireplace) and it looked gorgeous but that would leave the headboard without a job and I couldn't do that to such a beautiful bed.
Detail of the curved footboard.
Carving on the end piece of the curved section--talk about incredible detail!
This bed adds a beachy-dreamy air to Dunhaven Place for as long as it lasts. We will be closed the first week of May so be sure to come in and see our new inventory items before that! And, should you have a Facebook account ad think we're kind of swell, please "like" us! (just click on the word "like" and it will take you to our FB page.)

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