Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Furnishings For a Romantic Garden

Bring the indoors out!  Now that the days are long and lovely, spending time outside is a must!  A few pieces of painted furniture can accentuate the colors of your garden while providing inviting places to relax, all arranged in enticing displays. 
 Wicker chairs are a natural outdoors (as well as in!) but wood furniture that has been painted can withstand the heat of the summer months.  As long as you cover or bring inside for the rainy season, your favorite pieces can live side by side with wicker, cedar and rattan.

This caned bench  is a perfect example of items we currently have in stock that would work well in your yard or garden.  Due to a recent problem with Craigslist, our furniture ads are no longer searchable.  Please rest assured that we still sell furniture at Dunhaven Place. Please like us on FB, link to this post and spread the word about Dunhaven Place!

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