Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seeking Inspiration at Dunhaven Place

Beauty is something we can find around us or it is something we can go looking for.  At Dunhaven Place we are always looking for inspiring vistas to fuel our creativity and to create beauty in those very places that don't require much wandering.  Our homes and gardens,whether they be acres of land or only a balcony, are just such places.

  Happy was the day when a fellow rose enthusiast walked through our doors and led us to one of the most lovely spots on earth:  her garden.  An invitation to visit her personal heaven on earth was speedily accepted and off I went, camera at the ready.

Much inspiration was to be gleaned from her artistic pairings and I learned that roses are at their best when complemented with flowers from other families, various shapes over which to spread and amongst dapples of light and shadow.

Roses are a well loved flower that will shine in any setting.  In my mind, however, they look best in an environment that bespeaks the atmosphere of days past amongst non-flora and fauna treasures that are as timeless as the roses themselves and this garden did not disappoint! 

The scenery is studded with beautiful garden gems such as statues, bird baths, cages, lanterns, topiaries and more, giving the landscape depth, breadth and resonance. 

 It's difficult to believe that this garden surrounds a tract home in an urbane city a hop skip and a jump from Dunhaven Place. 

Every bit of this beautiful garden is ornamented in one way or another without feeling the least overdone in any way.

And then I spied the table and chairs under the canopy of the Cecile De Brunner.

The chandelier, the sheer draperies, the lace tablecloth, all were perfect counterpoints to the black metal chairs and other hardscape features.

How I wish my poor camera skills had captured the full beauty of what I was so thoroughly enjoying.  I went home and resolved to more fully see, use and appreciate the beauty around me. 

Father's Day is coming up and we at Dunhaven Place fully realize that we have little to offer that would warm the heart of the dads out there.  So, we offer a perfectly suitable alternative:  the artwork of CafePress/Attune, the company that created our gorgeous logo.  Be sure to visit and view all the fun ideas for the fathers in your life.

Next week:  see this garden decked out for the 4th of July!

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