Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Enjoying Summer's Bounty at Dunhaven Place

August has been short but sweet and full of moments we have spent relaxing with our children and enjoying summer's bounty.  It has been good to take life at a slower pace to take in the colors, the textures and the scent of roses on the breeze.  Six years of planting, arranging and creating in our current home has resulted in vistas I love to revel in again and again.

The backyard at twlight . . .

The canopy of foliage over the outdoor bed . .  .

An outdoor room with a view . . .

The view . . . .

One of my favorite couples . . .

Bringing the indoors out is an old but favorite trick.

You can find these sweet blue bowls for sale in our Glass and Pottery photo album.

And, our tip of the week . . .

If you want to make your treasures stand out, consider painting the background of your cupboard or cabinet a pale version of your favorite color.  This look was created by removing the cabinet doors, backing the shelves with painted beaded board and enhancing the look with deep trim at the top.  Vintage linens with lace edging are a beautiful stand in for contact paper/shelf liner. 

Have a great week and feel free to call or email us with any questions or requests!


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